You know what’s stressful and frustrating? College applications. I do not need to say anymore.

ive had more homework in one week of senior year than i did in all the rest of highschool.


kill me now.

Remember this little guy?
My friend Cynthia moved back to California and she wasn’t going to be able to take him with her… Soooo my mom let me keep him! His name was ichigo but my parents renamed him Kiko and it stuck. He’s so cute and fluffy!

Summer sky

Some nails I painted. :)

This Week:

So my mom was in a car accident last week. And she doesn’t have any broken bones but she is in pain still, and I’ve been helping her out a bit here and there. I’ve been going to work with her for the past couple of days to help out and make some extra cash, and I am SO sore… thankfully tomorrow we have a day off and i’m probably going to get my hair cut tomorrow which i’ll post a picture of (if it comes out ok)

But yeah… this week has been pretty busy and it flew by so quick.

Monday- Went to work with mom, and we went to pick things up from her car— and the back left side of the car is completely totaled so we’re not getting that car back.— Poor passport; may it rest in peace.

Tuesday- Went to work, and ran errands for my grandmother who is out of town dealing with family probs. and put together a shelf for my bedroom

Wednesday- (Does anyone else pronounce that Wed-nez-day when they’re spelling it out to make sure its right?) Went to work and ran EVEN MORE ERRANDS for my grandmother. and then we went shopping for items for my room— I’m redecorating it YAY!, and spray painted furniture when i got home

Thursday- Some friends and I went “tubing” (I think that’s what its called) on a lazy river and it was amazing :) We left at 10 in the morning and i didn’t get home until 9 pm!

Friday-(today) i went to a college interview and i think it went pretty well. Then i went to work AGAIN >.< and me and my mom went shopping afterwards. 

And now I rest…

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Some of the fireworks from the 4th of July that I never uploaded